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Held on the Opening Night, exhibition tours will be conducted by the artists themselves. Let Genevieve Leong, Loh Xiang Yun and Shyue Woon bring you around their spaces to share about their work process. In conjunction, the artists will launch their new book titles that are exhibited with the show. Book signing and refreshments will be held at the end of the tour.

If tickets are sold out, please drop an email to info@thebookshow.org

Please arrive 15mins before start of event! Please bring cash in case you want to purchase any of the artists books!

About New Margins by THEBOOKSHOW

THEBOOKSHOW presents New Margins, a group exhibition and book launch of new works by three artists, Genevieve Leong, Loh Xiang Yun and Shyue Woon.
New Margins attempts to reinvigorate our perception of the book as an art medium. Seeking to reinvent the way we experience art, the three artists delved into exploring the potential of books as art objects. Stripping away the traditional method of viewing art from a distance, we are graced with an intimate encounter in place of a static, looming presence.

In this showcase, the book is more than just an item waiting to be purchased in a book store; it is an artwork in itself, just as a painting or a sculpture. New Margins invites you to engage and create a connection with the artists through their work. Recreating an individual experience of viewing art up close and personal, they seek a deeper resonance the moment you pick up the book. Just as drawing a line on a page reinvents the space on a blank paper, the book can reinvent the way we see and feel art.


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Fri Apr 20, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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120A Prinsep Street Singapore